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We believe that knowledge and skills are always created by sharing and that the best way for HR to grow is as a collective. We've therefore put our faith in the power of the Swiss HR community – with HR Cosmos. HR Cosmos is a cross between an encyclopaedia and a Q&A platform. The unique background technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and directs any question to the right specialists thanks to self-learning algorithms.

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HR Cosmos devotes itself to higher-quality, collaborative HR in Switzerland on the physical and personal level. Be inspired by the Swiss HR community at events and in webinars. Our events and webinars are held in German.

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HR never sleeps. New rules as well as daily business tasks always generate questions. These are some of the most topical questions that are on HR Cosmos.

«My vision is a paradigm shift in the economy, which I actively shape through networks. HR Cosmos offers me the opportunity to show people new perspectives - especially in the areas of leadership, organization and cooperation - that they may not have considered yet.»

Ralf Metz
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