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HR Cosmos is your HR knowledge network in Switzerland. Expand your knowledge daily, discover the latest trends and profile yourself as an HR professional.

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The field of human resources never sleeps. New regulations repeatedly raise questions, but so do the tasks in daily business.

HR Cosmos is the online knowledge platform where exchanges and joint problem-solving related to HR take place.

It is where you can find knowledge on applicable HR law, technological explanations, best business practices and helpful tips.

Our platform is constantly learning and knows the right expert for the question due to a self-learning algorithm.

And as new questions and answers are constantly added, HR Cosmos continues to grow. Welcome aboard!

    You’ll benefit in three ways



    You’re not alone! Many other HR managers are dealing with exactly the same issues as you and many others in HR know the right answers. HR Cosmos brings you together and creates a platform for you to share your knowledge.



    Gain expertise! HR Cosmos is limitless – and it’s fast, accurate and personal. New questions are directed to the best experts in the network, and the answers can be commented on and rated. Browse through the HR encyclopedia and find high-quality knowledge.



    Don’t miss a thing. HR Cosmos is alive and its users update it on a daily basis with the latest questions, answers and insights from the HR world. This keeps your finger on the sector's pulse informs you first hand of the HR trends of tomorrow.

    The HR Cosmos founders team

    Five of us have created HR Cosmos and since then we have been working together to democratize HR knowledge.

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    The HR Cosmos founders team

    HR Cosmos FAQ

    What are the system requirements for using HR Cosmos and is there an app? You need an internet-capable device with a standard browser to use HR Cosmos. There is also a mobile app for it. It can be downloaded from the App Store or the Android Store.
    What questions can I ask in HR Cosmos? Questions about legal, economic and technological HR topics
    What questions should I NOT ask in HR Cosmos? Questions that contain inappropriate content, i.e., questions with confidential information, information on specific company-related settings in software, questions without relevance to human resources personnel in the broad sense, etc.
    What are the benefits of HR Cosmos for me? Anonymously asked questions are answered, commented on and evaluated in a short period by non-anonymous experts. HR Cosmos effectively combines human expertise with artificial intelligence.
    This gives you quick solutions, even to complicated HR issues, that can be evaluated and commented on by various experts. You can also use your knowledge of HR to contribute solutions exactly where they are needed – and you can also find out how good your solutions are assessed to be by other HR experts, or how they could be further improved if appropriate. Membership of the HR Cosmos community brings you the following advantages, among others:
    - Fast, high-quality answers to your questions
    - Certainty due to the reviews/comments of other HR experts so together you can formulate best practice
    - Feedback on your solutions from the “market”
    - A contribution to strengthening, modernization and professionalization of the HR sector
    - Information about the current issues in HR
    - Practical experience in the collaboration of artificial intelligence and human expertise
    Who can see my questions? The questions are publicly accessible, but no one can see who asked the question - so questions are always asked anonymously.
    Who can see my solutions? Anyone who has an HR Cosmos login can see the solutions. These are never anonymous. See also "When am I acting anonymously in HR Cosmos?". People outside the HR Cosmos universe see only the beginning of the answer. The first name and the first letter of the last name are displayed as the responder name.
    When am I acting anonymously in HR Cosmos? Questions are always asked anonymously.
    The following example shows the effect of anonymity on comments and solutions:
    Question from Adam (anonymously)
    >Comment from Eve on the question (as Eve)
    >Comment from Adam on the question (anonymously, as the ques-tioner)
    > Solution from Eve (as Eve)
    >>Comment on Eve’s solution from Adam (anonymously, as the questioner)
    >>Comment on Eve’s solution from Eve (as Eve)
    > Solution from Adam (as Adam, solving his own question)
    >>Comment on Adam’s solution from Eve (as Eve)
    >>Comment on Adam’s solution from Adam (as Adam)
    The awarding of ratings (stars for solutions or hearts for comments) is always anonymous.
    In which languages is HR Cosmos available? The user interface is available in English, French and German. How-ever, questions can also be asked and answered in other languages. For example, it is possible to select Italian as the "question language" so that Italian questions in question stream are shown.
    I get points and occupy levels – what does that mean? These points and levels are meant to create a playful incentive – and who knows, maybe there’ll also be a great price for point collectors in the future...
    Should I use informal or formal language in HR Cosmos? HR Cosmos maintains a culture of uncomplicated and informal language.
    Support: who do I turn to if I have questions about HR Cosmos? You can either ask questions directly in HR Cosmos – you may get an answer straight away – or, if you don’t find anything you consider effective via this channel, please send a message to
    What does HR Cosmos cost? The use of HR Cosmos is free of charge. The provider reserves the right, after prior notification to the user, to charge license fees for the use of the software.
    What happens to my data? Data protection is important to us. Personal data will be treated by us with the highest possible level of security and the e-mail address provided will not be used for marketing purposes.