HR Cosmos puts you, your colleagues and your knowledge at the centre. We believe HR knowledge should always be up-to-date and on hand when you need it. And you should share it if you have it. Only shared knowledge can grow.


Your benefits

Membership of HR Cosmos is free of charge and open to anyone with an interest. Benefit from limitless HR knowledge, exciting webinars and physical meetings of the HR community:

  • Free access to the largest HR community in Switzerland
  • Fast, high-quality answers to your personal HR questions
  • Information about the latest and future trends in HR
  • Expansion of your network at events, webinars and workshops
Add value to the community

HR Cosmos is a cross between an encyclopaedia and a Q&A platform. The unique background technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and directs any question to the right specialists thanks to self-learning algorithms. Share your knowledge as well – become part of the biggest HR community in Switzerland:

  • Supporting your peers by answering questions
  • Contributing to reinforcing, modernising and professionalising the HR industry
  • Recognising and creating needs and trends in the HR industry

«Thanks to HR Cosmos I receive fast and competent answers to my questions from proven experts. That gets me on target.»

Patrick Aebersold
Head of HR, Asga Pension Fund

For businesses and associations

Are you a company with a HR department or an association and want to give multiple employees/members access to the HR Cosmos knowledge network? We’d be happy to take over this task for you for free and can hold introductory events or other events if needed.

Esmir Davorovic

Community leader


What are the system requirements for using HR Cosmos and is there an app?

You need an internet-capable device with a standard browser to use HR Cosmos. There is also a mobile app. You can download this in the Apple App Store or the Android Store.

What questions can I ask in HR Cosmos?

Any and all HR questions on HR topics such as legal, business or technology. You can find a list of all the questions that have already been asked here.

What questions CAN’T I ask in HR Cosmos?

Questions with inappropriate content, so questions containing confidential information, information on company-specific software settings, questions not related to HR or human resources in the broadest sense.

Who can see my questions?

The questions are publicly available but nobody will see who asked the questions – all questions are anonymous. Even if you add a follow-up question or comment within your question, you will not be exposed as the original question poster.

Who can see my solutions?

Anyone with a HR Cosmos log-in can see solutions. These are never anonymous. See also ‘When am I anonymous in HR Cosmos?’. The first name and first letter of the last name will be shown any time you post an answer. People outside the HR Cosmos universe will see certain questions and the relevant answers as examples.

In what languages is HR Cosmos available?

The user interface is available in German, English and French. Questions can also be asked and answered in other languages. You can, for example, set Italian as your ‘question language’ so that a question stream of existing Italian questions appears. Thanks to the integration of a translation service, the questions can be translated directly on the platform.

I’m receiving points and am in levels – what does this mean?

These points and levels are intended to create playful incentive – and who knows, there may even be great prizes for points in the future.

Who finances HR Cosmos?

HR Cosmos was founded by HR Campus and Starmind and is now completely financed by HR Campus. The motivation is to develop the HR world through innovation and transparency. Personal data and any collected data is not used for commercial purposes and is not passed on.

What happens to my data?

Data protection is important to us. We handle personal data as securely as possible and never use the email address you enter for marketing purposes.

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to cancel your membership, open your personal Profile. In the "About me" section, click on "Edit" there you'll find the bottom "Delete my account".

«HR Cosmos offers the opportunity to use the collective HR intelligence in the network, to receive or give specialist input and to exchange practical experience. A useful tool, especially if you work in companies with a very small HR team, but of course also for everyone else. I use it actively and have made positive experiences with it!»

Eva Weimer
Human Relations Managers, CYP Association

Download the app

Download the app from our technology provider Starmind and use HR Cosmos in that format.

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