15. March 2018

Who can give us a recommendation for HR software for a Swiss SME?

Digitalization is a major topic. Lean processes are the goal. No media breaks if possible, simplification of the internal handling

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Sage and Abacus are certainly suitable and proven solutions for payroll and personnel administration in Switzerland. But if software is also required for other HR fields, such as recruiting, employee assessment (MbO), Talent Management, etc, then modern solutions such as SuccessFactors should also be tried. Yes, it's from SAP, but it's not the traditional “huge” SAP that is of limited use for SMEs. The new solution no longer even requires local hardware installations, but is cloud-based, meaning you can use the software via the Internet, just like online banking. And it’s also as secure as online banking. And, speaking from my own experience as Head of HR for an SME, it can be really useful for Swiss SMEs. It can also be introduced “bit by bit”, i.e., with the help of medium-term HR planning, and gradually in addition to the day-to-day business. The cloud-based solutions are really a great opp...
Christiane W.
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