10. November 2021

Where do you get your data from if you have management sessions on HR with study numbers?

Some people like facts and figures- in order to understand what the point of HR is. No “my feeling”/”my experience- rather: a study says that if you increase the salary it lasts only 6 months or if you can keep the fluctuation below 8 % you can raise the turnover 10 %, if people resign you have to invest 1 annual gross salary for a replacement, etc. Thanks for your feedback. Manuela

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Hi Manuela

an other point of view.

KPI’s are important, because give us indicators we are in a green zone or not.

Which Key performance Indicators are helpful, which not is based on the business. Normally, I expect that fluctuation and absences (i.e. Sickness, Accident) are important. Headcount and ...

Peter Z.
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Honestly - your bosses have to change the mindset.

“Human ressource” behave not like crude oil, electricity or any other ressource. That kind of ressource acts often non predictable & chaotic. You can rely on statistics. But the findings of statisti...

Marc F.
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