10. November 2021

Where do you get your data from if you have management sessions on HR with study numbers?

Some people like facts and figures- in order to understand what the point of HR is. No “my feeling”/”my experience- rather: a study says that if you increase the salary it lasts only 6 months or if you can keep the fluctuation below 8 % you can raise the turnover 10 %, if people resign you have to invest 1 annual gross salary for a replacement, etc. Thanks for your feedback. Manuela

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Honestly - your bosses have to change the mindset.

“Human ressource” behave not like crude oil, electricity or any other ressource. That kind of ressource acts often non predictable & chaotic. You can rely on statistics. But the findings of statisti...

Marc F.
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Hi Manuela

an other point of view.

KPI’s are important, because give us indicators we are in a green zone or not.

Which Key performance Indicators are helpful, which not is based on the business. Normally, I expect that fluctuation and absences (i.e. Sickness, Accident) are important. Headcount and Parttime ratio could be nice to know.

You see, it could be different because, one firme need it another one not. Second and a KPI is also to validat...

Peter Z.
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