09. August 2019

What is your definition of Onboarding and when does is starts and when does it end?

Hi all,

We are looking at our existing processes and discussed around the onboarding topic. Three questions to the community:

What is your definition of onboarding?

When does the onboarding start?

When does it end?

Have a wonderful weekend.

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I would actually apply a much broader definition of the onboarding process. Otherwise, you risk important factors and consequences.

The goal of onboarding is twofold:

1) to help the employee "arrive" at the company and feel at home - in order to reduce the risk of leaving

2) and most important, to get up to speed as quickly as possible - in order to ensure productivity

As a result, onboarding starts with the first interaction of a future employee with the company and ends when he's up to speed, depending on the complexity of the job, this could be 3-12 months (e.g. when you have certain processes which only happen once a year).

The first pa...

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Good morning

For us the on-boarding starts when the contract has been signed and ends at the first day of the employee.

The on-boarding contains the following main steps:

Creating a file

Request all relevant documents in order to be able to register the new employee in our systems and...

Désirée P.
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Our Onboarding starts with the signature of the contract and ends after the 3 months probationary period (Probezeit).

It involves:

  • New employee fills out master data sheet
  • All IT-r...
Cindy B.
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