26. February 2018

What are the pros and cons of the home office and what are the most important arguments?

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In any sector, there are classic pros and cons that almost always apply. Advantages: No loss of time commuting Flexibility Easier reconciliation of work and family life No/low costs for fixed jobs in the company (Infrastructure) Disadvantages: Isolation (if there is too much home working), too little contact with colleagues Often exclusion from the informal information flow Often insufficient infrastructure in the home office (such as working in the living room rather than a separate office) Working from home is in most cases a plus if the company supports and encourages a culture of virtual working, among other things by the use of appropriate technology (web meetings, video conferencing, networking tools). However, more and more people are looking for a co-working space, instead of a classic home-office work space, since the co-working space offers the advantage...
Claudia B.
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