20. February 2024

Paternity leave during a sick leave?

Hello all,

I would appreciate your inputs around the following scenario. The employee is on a sick leave and we anticipate that he will remain off sick for some time. In the meantime, the employee is due to go on paternity (eligible to 4 weeks) from the end of March 2024. How does it work when taking paternity leave during the sick leave period? I guess since he is allowed to 4 weeks, he can use them directly after the birth.. Is it counted differently by employer? How does it impact the sick leave and protection period??Many thanks

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Das sind zwei verschiedene Dinge.

Vaterschaftsurlaub kann er innerhalb 6 Monate ab Geburtstermin beziehen. Weshalb 4 Wochen? Gesetzlich sind nur zwei.

Sperrfristen wiederum sind unabhängig von Vaterschaftsurlaub. Diese beziehen sich auf das Anstellungsverhältnis.

Während Krankabsenz wird er wohl keinen Vaterschaftsurlaub beziehen, wenn er kurz darüber nachdenkt. Nett wäre es ja, aber sehr unwahrscheinlich.

Ihr müsst nun zwei Dinge regeln.

  1. Wollt ihr ihm künden? Dann die Fristen beachten und tun.
  2. Wan...
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Hi (just an add on)
We have restricted such cases in our policy. (Giving full 6 weeks, fully paid) While taking the first two weeks within the first six months to align with the law and claim the allowances. We restricted that taken (or entered respective communicated) paternity leave shall not disrupt...

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