07. June 2020

How to understand the code in a work reference and what rights I have as an employee?

I would like to ensure that I am fairly treated and any advise on understanding the standard codes of reference language and what rights I have as an employee is highly appreciated.

Can I refuse the letter as it is / ask for updates if the letter is not fair?

Is there any professional expert on this field?

I know that every word in the reference counts.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

If you would like to have your reference letter checked by a professional I can highly recommend Arbeitszeugnishilfe.

They will have a lo...

Melinda B.
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In general, a reference letter must be complete, true and benevolently written. Coding is not permitted.

Of course you can reject the reference letter - but you need good reasons (evidences)...

Marc F.
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Marc told you the important elements. From my side, would bring in another view...

You wrote "if the letter is not fair". This is very often the point that employer and employee have not the same understanding. (based on reason of termination)

What is needed to discuss:

  • the qualification is for the whole periode and not for the last 2 weeks/month, which are maybe difficult.
  • The text should be not preventing an engagement at another place. (but, if you work for a bank, and have stolen money, it should be part of the work cerificate)
  • The employer should make a correct certificate, what means not better and not worst as your work/quality was. Keep in mind, the new employer think - based on the certificate - you are Superman and in reality yo...
Peter Z.
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