Short interview about HR Cosmos

The HR Community Coordinator Esmir Davorovic answers four questions about HR Cosmos for HR Today.
HR Cosmos is a virtual HR network. A kind of virtual self-help group for HR specialists?

Yes, in the sense of a self-help group being a network of people in which problems relating to HR practice are resolved by an exchange of ideas and information. HR Cosmos offers a platform where HR specialists can swap and pool their knowledge for this purpose. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps to identify the right experts and make the existing knowledge accessible to everyone. This is a gain for Switzerland's entire HR community.


The discussions revolve around all kinds of HR topics. Which ones are most in demand?

The most popular ones are questions relating to legal topics, but these often have to be considered very specifically and individually. In addition, questions relating to the pandemic and resulting uncertainties are prevalent. Best practices and recommendations in all areas of HR from recruiting to offboarding are also discussed.


Do you have to be a certified HR expert to contribute?

No, not at all. HR Cosmos is open to anyone who is interested. For example, topics like New Work are discussed, things that affect all employees. A small group of dedicated lawyers and legal specialists also enrich the mixture on HR Cosmos with input on legal issues. There's also a place on HR Cosmos for such topics as travel and expenses management, or leadership for executives.


Authors and commentators mainly meet online. Are offline meetings scheduled as well?

Yes, the HR Cosmos Community also meets regularly offline. We hold casual HR Cosmos aperitif receptions to get to know each other and encourage exchanges of ideas and information. We also meet in BarCamp format, when we invite members to HR events such as the HR Innovation Campus. The next HR Cosmos aperitif reception takes place on 9 September in Zurich.


This article was first published in HR Today 7/8 | 2021