Our new app is online!

We are happy about the relaunch of our HR Cosmos App! To make sure that all the new functionalities that the already implmented in our new desktop version are also available on the app, HR Cosmos will be integrated in the new Starmind app.
How do I get the new app and how do I configure it?
What if I am also present in other Starmind networks?

Then you can register with all networks at the same time! The cool thing about the new app is that it is “configurable” with other Starmind networks. You can easily swipe from HR Cosmos to your other Starmind network and vice versa.

What happens to the previous HR Cosmos App?

At the moment it is still active, but without the new functionalities. New registrations are no longer possible. We recommend you to switch to the new app and delete the old one.

And if I have problems with registration, handling or similar?

Then please contact support@hr-cosmos.chsupport@hr-cosmos.ch