Knowledge Spaces

HR Cosmos has added a new feature – an enhancement enables connection to a public sub-group.

In addition to the familiar categories such as Payroll and Recruiting, the new Knowledge Spaces provide the opportunity to bring together people with similar interests, functions or industry backgrounds and promote interaction.

What do the Knowledge Spaces offer? 

Essentially, the intention is to promote and facilitate the exchange of views and information within a defined topic (e.g. industry, function or trend). In addition to the category (e.g. Time Management), questions can also be tagged with the Knowledge Space (e.g. healthcare industry). The question appears in both the main feed and the sub-feed and therefore reaches the right experts faster. If there are five or more members in a Knowledge Space, you can also see the names of the other people in the space. This reduces the anonymity somewhat and provides the opportunity for better networking. 

Where can I find the Knowledge Spaces? 

A "+" is shown beside the feed (see display image). Click on it to show the Knowledge Spaces as sub-feeds under the main feed. You can join or leave at any time. 

Individual Knowledge Spaces 

We want to give the community the opportunity to create their own Knowledge Spaces and, if desired, to manage them as the administrator. If you have an idea, please contact Esmir directly (