10. January 2018

What is the difference between the various types of reference letters?

Employment reference, interim reference, confirmation of employment, confirmation of appointment...?

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Final reference (employment reference)

The final reference at the end of employment gives information on the nature and duration of the employment as well as on the performance and conduct of the employee. Thus the final reference therefore evaluates the quality of work, the amount of work and the willingness to work. The assessment scale used should refer to an industry average. The goal is to give a new employer an objective picture of the skills and capabilities of an employee. As far as the qualification of conduct is concerned, only conduct in the workplace is to be judged. How a person behaves outside their place of work is not relevant for an employment reference. In exceptional cases, however, it can be included in an employment reference if conduct outside work has a major influence on conduct at work (alcohol problems, etc.). The employment reference is to be issued at the end of the employment relationship. The reference bears the date of the last day of the employment relationship.

Grounds for termination

According to prevailing legal practice, the employee also has a right to have the grounds for the termination of the employment relationship included in the employment reference. In the event of notice being given by the employer, the grounds for termination can be stated. However, this reference must be removed at the request of the worker, unless it contributes significantly to the overall assessment.

Interim reference

At any time, the employee can request a reference from the employer with information on the nature and duration of the employment, as well as the employee’s performance and conduct (Article 330a (1) of the Swiss Code of Obligations). For this reason, a so-called interim reference must also issued to the employee upon request. The content and form of this interim reference are the same as for the final reference. The interim reference is to be produced in the form of a full reference. In practice, an interim reference is often requested when there is ...

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