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HR Cosmos arose from the collaboration of..

HR Campus makes people happier and companies more successful. We use fresh solutions to sim-plify the daily lives of HR managers. We accelerate the work processes of tomorrow with personal advice, intelligent software and holistic services.

We are lateral thinkers by nature. Unconventional, bold ideas inspire our creativity and pave the way for fresh digital solutions. Transparent communication conveys this attitude to the outside world. We accompany our customers like a good friend.

Our consultation takes place on an equal footing and we take their concerns to heart. This makes us a friendly business partner and a sought-after employer.

We are among the best in our field. This good reputation is the result of consistent quality thinking and the conviction to complete our projects holistically and without compromise.

Starmind connects people whenever they can benefit from each other. Our algorithms autonomously learn about a users’ interests and expertise based on their interactions and responses. In this way, people are linked across hierarchies, regions and departments. Starmind makes the entire knowledge of a domain available everywhere and in real-time.

In the current revolution of artificial intelligence, we are deliberately putting people first. Our goal is to empower people and increase human productivity by means of our technology based on self-learning algorithms.

Starmind is used in more than 70 countries and helps people resolve their challenges together with the best experts on a daily basis. We have already won several international awards for this innova-tive approach in recent years.

Not only our technology, but also our company values put the human being first. Mutual trust is essential for a successful collaboration. We pursue our goals with passion, have fun in our daily work and hone our application with a love for detail and innovation.