Introducing: Lena Schwerzmann, Community Manager for HR Cosmos

Lena Schwerzmann is newly diving into HR Cosmos. As Community Manager, she organises webinars and physical events to promote exchange in the HR Cosmos community and generates valuable content for them.


Lena, please introduce yourself briefly to our community.

Gladly. I am a business psychologist and communications expert. I created my first employer branding concepts in New York, optimised recruitment processes for international companies and developed marketing strategies for the largest job boards in Switzerland.  

For the past 20 years, I have been concerned with the professional world and its changes. I am convinced that work can be fulfilling and at the same time responsible, effective and entrepreneurial - which is why we can and should rethink and redesign work.  

How did you come to organise events for the professional world?

I love bringing people together who really have something to say and share their experiences from the workplace in an authentic and transparent way. In everyday life, we are too stuck in our own bubble, but it's worth thinking outside the box. We also need to do that if we want to face the complex challenges of our time.  

I have already organised numerous larger and smaller events, workshops and webinars, mostly on current changes and new ideas in the professional world.  These include the DisruptHR events, which are being held for the 7th time this year. I also organise flagship events for the non-profit organisation Advance, which promotes gender equality in business. These are usually large, hybrid events with over 300 participants or sometimes an art exhibition at Zurich HB.  

What topics do you address with your events?

I am very broadly interested in the development of work itself: how it changes, adapts to political and social trends (Corona sends its regards) and, above all, how it is strongly altered by digitalisation.  

Ultimately, our understanding of work goes back to industrialisation. It simply no longer fits today's digital conditions and must and should be changed.  

Do you have an example?

I am in contact with companies that are increasingly working with freelancers and are unfortunately stumbling with our labour laws. Others are fighting the shortage of skilled workers by spreading their production ( mind you, not digital nomads) over only four days. Others again are questioning the recruitment processes: Do we really need references? Are letters of motivation useful? Wouldn't trial days be better than assessments?  

Companies promote innovation and stumble over issues like trust, psychological safety and diversity. These are complex processes that question not only individual roles, expectations and status, but entire organisational models. Do we need a boss or a budget? What makes sense?  

These are pretty big topics. 

Yes, those were some big names 😉 Ultimately, what I'm really interested in is how it's actually implemented in practice. After all, many people can make big speeches. But the devil, as we all know, is in the detail and the implementation.  

Therefore, I invite speakers who talk about their practical knowledge and share their experience and expertise in an authentic and transparent way.  

Can the community also get involved?

Absolutely, I invite you to do so. If you have ideas and suggestions for topics or speakers, please feel free to contact me directly and I will do my best to respond to your wishes and suggestions.

Lena Schwerzmann

Community Manager HR Cosmos